By request we carry out the precise work of cutting and repairing opal for our customers. In addition to calibrated opals and opals for commercial needs you can find rare, one of a kind Opals and very fine expertly made Opal Jewelry in our collection. At Emil Weis Opals you can also find other interesting colorful varieties of opal in addition to the Australian and Mexican opal: The Andean Opal in blue and pink from Peru, Green Opals from Brazil, Serbia, Tanzania, West Australia and Turkey, Lemon Opals from Argentina, Hungary, Mali and Tanzania, Dendritic Opals from Austria, Tanzania, Western Australia and Turkey, chatoyant catseye Opals from Brazil and Tanzania, petrified wood replacement Opals from Slovakia, petrified coral Opals from Portugal, Hyalite or glass Opals from the Czech Republic and Australia, Landscape or picture Opals from Peru, Mexico and West Australia, Amethyst Opals from Mexico, Flamingo Opals, Pink Opals, Fluorite Opals and Ice Cream Opals from the United States, Blue Opals from Brazil and Oregon/USA, Moss Opals from West Australia, Light Opals from Turkey and Zebra Opals from South Australia.

It is part of our family tradition that we always take the time to provide advice and the latest information on the opal market and we bring you unequalled service in providing you with these wonderful gemstones. Opals are fabulous with every jewelry trend and never out of fashion because of their rich spectrum of color and the diverse types of opal that nature has produced for you to enjoy.