Yowah-Nut Opals

Masterworks of Nature


Yowah-Nut Opals are found in the Yowah and nearby Koroit opal fields in Queensland, Australia. They are found in geode-like rocks that look like large nuts - hence the name. There, in the most southern mining areas of Queensland, bands of “Boulder-Nuts” fill the sediments, but among the thousands of “nuts” there are very few which are filled with opal. Therefore it is the dream of every opal miner in Yowah and Koroit, to find an iron-clay-sand “nut” completely filled with opal.

Yowah-Nut Opals are highly prized as beautiful stones with special patterns often forming pictures. In the earth-brown rock the opal flashes through with its sparkling veins of intense color. With each movement of a Yowah-Nut Opal it reveals new colors and patterns. Through these images Mother Earth seems to speak to us. Even the untrained eye can see pictures, landscapes, mysterious paths or even mythic creatures in these wonderful opals. Cut and polished into cabochons, often in organic shapes, this truly magical stone adds an amazing and expressive opal to any ones opal collection.