The opal fields around Coober Pedy have been in operation since 1915. In the language of the Aborigines, Cooper Pedy means "white man in the hole ".

In this remote “outback” town opal has been and still is an underground adventure. In the hunt for opal, tunnels and burrows are dug from 5 to 30 meters in depth. In the past the tunnels were dug by hand, using pick and shovel but today Tunneling Machines and Blowers are used to shift the earth, but if a seam of the precious opal is found, the mining then continues by hand, so the valuable opal rough is not destroyed.

Depending on the mining area opal is also mined in open cuts, using large machines to shift the earth.

In a legend of the Australian aborigines, the opal, which combines all the colors of the rainbow, is known as a stone of peace. Even today it is said that the opal can convey harmony, compassion, warmth and happiness.

The vibrant colors and patterns of color-play in the Light Opals bring relaxation and enjoyment of the moment completely. A beautiful Opal, whether Light or Dark, is pure fun for the beholder.