The Mexican Opal fields are extensive, but the mining which is mostly done by hand is time consuming. Like most mining the costs are high and the risks great. It takes endurance and luck to find the beautiful Fire Opals.

Fire Opals, like all other opals, consist of silica, with a relatively high proportion of water. Their wonderful, lively and warm bodycolors,which are due to traces of iron oxide, range from bright yellow, to orange to a vivid cherry red.

Fire Opals with play-of-color are extremely rare and are highly valued treasures. They are usually cut in cabochons. They are priced much higher than good faceted Fire Opals without play-of-color. The rarest and most desirable Fire Opal from Mexico is the intense red-orange opal with strong play-of-color.

Fire Opals are gemstones which give warmth and energy to the wearer. Their bright orange always attracts attention. The rare bodycolor conveys vitality and joy of life, and at the same time these gems are pieces of absolutely true nature.