In this colorful Fire Opal variety the shining opal with its intense play- of-color pools is sitting in a red-brown rhyolite (igneous rock). When cut into cabochons the host rock provides a strong contrast to the vivid play-of-color of the opal. In many of the stones the bright red to yellow-orange opal color reminds us of the ancient and glowing volcanoes, in which the Mexican Fire Opals were once formed.

But a Fire Opal Matrix can be almost transparent as well, giving the impression of rainbow colors flashing on the bottom of a clear lake. As light enters the stone from different directions, pictures and shapes appear. These fascinating miniature landscapes or magical images captivate the eye and seem to tell stories. There are no limitations for the imagination when looking at a Fire Opal Matrix.

This Opal variety is also considered a symbol of serenity and joy of life and is especially popular with artists and creative people.