Facetted Fire Opals

Pulsating Life and Beauty from Volcanic Embers

The world’s most important mining areas for Fire Opals are in Mexico. Mining areas in other countries like Brazil, the United States, Ethiopia, Turkey and Australia are of lesser economic importance.
The opal-cutting factory Emil Weis has specialized in Mexican Fire Opals for more than 70 years. Fire Opal in rough material is always in great demand and because of our longstanding mining partnerships in the most important mining areas Emil Weis can bring you the best selection of qualities and sizes.

Facetted Fire Opals generally have no play of color. Their clearness, however, is ideal for faceting. Body color and transparency are the most important criteria for measuring the value of facetted Fire Opals. The more transparent the opal is, the greater is its glow after cutting and the more intensely dark red its body color, the greater is its value.