When the Boulder Opal is cut into cabochons, the layer of valuable opal is cut into one stone together with its natural host of iron sandstone. The cut stones show parts of the brown rock, sometimes as the bottom of the stone with the opal layer on top and sometimes the rock intermingles with the opal to form intriguing surface patterns and designs. With its vibrant colors contrasting intensely to the dark rock, Boulder Opals are considered unique in the world of precious stones.

The clearer and more brilliant the play-of-color, the more valuable is a Boulder Opal. Each Boulder Opal is unique in appearance. They often have an irregular surface and are usually cut in free forms, emphasizing their individuality and natural beauty. Left as a rough collector’s piece or cut and processed into a magical piece of jewelry, Boulder Opals are sought after worldwide.

It is said, that Boulder Opals emphasize creativity and joy of life, personal growth and are a true bond to Mother Earth.