The Opal Cutting Factory Emil Weis today

Dive into the enchanting world of opals at Emil Weis Opals!


For more than a hundred years the cutting factory in Kirschweiler has specialized in opal – a stone with all the colors of the rainbow. The business is owned and managed by Karin and Jürgen Schütz, Michael Weis and Tanja Schütz and is one of the oldest opal-cutting factories in the world.

President Jürgen Schütz regularly visits all the opal producing fields in the world to buy raw material. The company is also involved with opal mining businesses all over the world and owns holdings and partnerships at mines in Australia and Mexico. .


Because of their many years in business and vast mining interests Emil Weis has large stockpiles of rough opals of all varieties from many countries around the world so hardly an opal wish remains unfulfilled. From Australia comes the beautiful Black Opals, Boulder Opals and Matrix Opals in a great variety of colors and shapes, Yowah-Nut-Opals, vividly shimmering Light Opals, opal doublets, opal triplets and Mosaic Opals. From Mexico comes the orange-red facetted Fire Opals and gorgeous opalescent Fire Opals, Water Opals and Black Opals. Emil Weis provides Opals in every quality and shape, even beads and the most aesthetically carved objects